Über möglichst viele Einträge in unserem Gästebuch würden wir uns freuen. Lob und Tadel gehören dazu, wie immer im Leben.
Wir behalten uns aber vor, verschmähende, beleidigende und diskriminierende Einträge zu entfernen.


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For middle aged women without children, a diet program can be easily adopted without causing a lot of adjustments. All you need to do is ensure that each meal is devoid of high fats. Fruits, vegetables and yogurt have little or no fat content and should form the biggest proportion of the meals. Start your morning with a nutritious yogurt or fruit juice as this keeps the body energized and burns extra body fat. For lunch and dinner, try a combination of salad dressing and fresh delicatessen salads. If this becomes monotonous, you could alternate with some bread, balsamic vinegar and feta cheese. The idea here is to avoid carbohydrates as much as possible. This kind of diet plan is simple and flexible and would be useful for overweight girls below the age of 30.


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If you're anything like I was then you've tried diet after diet and still have not accomplished your goals, or if you have accomplished them, you didn't keep that weight off for all that long. This is because the vast majority of diets do not work. They involve starving your body to lose those few extra pounds... but then what? You put the weight right back on!

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Making smart food choices is the most powerful way to reach your weight loss goals successfully. No matter what eating plan you use, look for an emphasis on fresh vegetables, delicious fruit and whole grains. These foods provide the energy your body needs to function properly and the fiber you need to feel satisfied.


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More muscle means that your body will have to spend more energy to just stay at rest. You will need to do some pretty serious exercising to become muscle-bound and large. This simple plan must be simple as most people will try about anything to lose weight but a well balanced diet and exercise.

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If you are looking for ways to lose weight with foods that burn fat and specifically, burn belly fat, you probably know that your diet is half the battle. Almost all health and nutrition experts agree that rather than trying extreme diets for rapid weight loss, it is much better to make sustainable and healthy changes to your diet. This way you will burn belly fat more gradually, but then you will also be able to keep it away for good.


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The second factor is just getting started. Sometimes things are so overwhelming that you become paralyzed. We had a family friend as a child who always encouraged us to try to do things that we did not think we were particularly good at. He loved to recite poetry and whenever someone said, "I can't do that!" he would recite this poem.

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