Über möglichst viele Einträge in unserem Gästebuch würden wir uns freuen. Lob und Tadel gehören dazu, wie immer im Leben.
Wir behalten uns aber vor, verschmähende, beleidigende und diskriminierende Einträge zu entfernen.


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According to the Urban Dictionary, bad hair refers to kinky or extremely wavy crowns. 'Bad hair' is a term that has been predominantly used in the African-American settings. However, curly or wavy does not really define the term. Any hair that is hard to manage owing to certain issues related to health or not could constitute bad hair. Most people (of African descent or not) will have bad hair days. When you are facing an issue with your locks, managing it becomes difficult. Below are 5 clear signs that you have less than perfect hair.


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Diabetes mellitus is being detected more frequently in today's society, and it can affect both children and adults. Causation between age groups may vary, yet it is a serious disease that requires constant care. Contracting Type 1 diabetes, also known as "childhood onset," will display symptoms such as frequent urination, excessive thirst, and clamminess or sweatiness. This affliction becomes apparent when the pancreas, an organ that secretes insulin into the body, ceases to function. Insulin is a hormone that, when distributed efficiently, regulates glucose levels. When the pancreas no longer works properly, diabetes occurs.

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